Top Phone Systems Options

How to Select the Right VoIP System


Today, there are a host of telephony systems that small businesses can go for. As a business owner, you may be confused on the technical terminologies you may find used today. VoIP, PBX, PABX and so on are just of the few buzzwords you may hear. However, do not let the buzzwords and acronyms get into your way of selecting the right system for your business.


If you are ready to change your current Avaya Support systems, you should look into a robust VoIP system. Choosing the right VoIP system can be fast and easy if you know what to consider. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


i)  Consider your current provider

Consider the current phone system or VoIP phone provider with Telephone System Support Contract you are using. You should know why you want to choose from the current provider. For example, you may be switching before the service provider's system is not compatible with other communication systems you may be using.


The good news is that there are open phone systems that can work with any IP phone or service you are using. Check whether the system you want to switch to is compatible with the communication systems you have.


ii)  Who will be using the phones?

Consider who will be using the IP phones you want to purchase. The position or job description of the people that will be using the phones may determine their needs. Discuss with your employees to find out their needs. From there, check whether the IP phones you wish to buy meet the requirements. Visit this website at and learn more about VoIP.


iii)  Consider features and functionality

The other thing to consider are the features and functionality of the phones you want. Do not simply choose a phone system because it has the most features. Instead, go for those whose features will be helpful in your business. Typical features you may need include conference calls, call parking, call transfer, and call waiting. Your employees will be in a better position to advise you on the features they need to be more productivity.


iv)  Consider the income calls

You should also know how many incoming calls the IP phone can handle at a time. The more the income calls a phone is likely to received, the more line appearances it should have. If you are looking for an IP phone for an average office worker, you may need 3 to 5 line appearances. However, if the phones are for receptionists, administrators, or operators, they will need about 10 line appearances.