Top Phone Systems Options

How to Choose Suitable IT & Telephone Systems


Information is an integral part of any business environment. However, one can face a difficult when shopping for the ideal IT and telephone systems. Ideally, a telephone is part of an IT system, and this article shares an insight on how to choose the best telephone system.


Questions to Ask

Before setting out to shop for a Panasonic IP PBX telephone system, it is crucial to make certain determinations. To begin with, one should identify whether the business requires physical office telephones or mobile telephones. The second consideration is whether the telephone system will be fixed landline or one that uses Voice over Internet Protocol. The latter version comes from several providers while the earlier is operated by one service provider. Lastly, if one chooses VoIP system, they should decide on whether the system will be hosted within the premises or it will be cloud based.


Phone Replacement

A business that seeks to replace a telephone system should identify the pain point first. Some of the pain points include expensive telephone system maintenance, expensive telephone system support contract, and difficulty in operation of the system. Other determinants include increased employee use of mobile telephones and complaints regarding the existing telephone system.


Return on Investments

A business should consider the return on investments that it will get from acquiring a telephone system. The benefits are both qualitative and quantitative. Increased customer service is an example of a qualitative benefit while increased user productivity represents a quantitative benefit. It takes a short period for a business to realize the ROI from installing a new Avaya PABX UAE telephone system.


Unified Communications

There is a need for a business to consider unified communications before investing on a telephone system. Some of the features of this type of a phone include video conferencing, instant messaging, and mobility. These features usually create a seamless business environment. Some of the said features eradicate costs associated with third party engagements. Additionally, they increase the productivity of workers. Know more about VoIP at


Use and Management

A telephone system should be easy to use and manage. This aspect helps the workers to use the system regardless of their location while on duty. Essentially, workers should manage to use the system as if they were on their workstation desks. Additionally, the IT manager should be able to manage the telephone system that is in all office locations.


Importantly, one should check user reviews and also test the phone system before its acquisition. This move ensures that one gets value for their money. It also enables one to avoid future breakdowns of the telephone system.